Terms of conditions

Dear companion of HAYATEMOON,
Hello and thank you for choosing our site to help you. In order to maintain the law of the site and specify the goals, as well as the convenience of all users, a number of rules have been set for this site, and we sincerely ask you to help us provide better services by observing these rules. Obviously, in case of violation of these rules, HAYATEMOON site has the right to delete the user’s account from the site or even, if necessary, take the necessary legal action. These rules are published in full below:

  • General law: This site is managed and controlled from inside Turkey and therefore is subject to the laws of this country, so in addition to the following laws, all common laws in Turkey are also common on this site. According to the purposes of the site, any political, religious activities and issues that are contrary to the laws of the country and HAYATEMOON are prohibited and will be prosecuted in certain circumstances.
  • All users must use the appropriate words to use in their username when registering on the site. If you see vulgar and inappropriate words, the user’s account will be deleted at the first opportunity and their access to all parts of the website will be cut off.
  • The content submitted by users is the responsibility of them and HAYATEMOON does not accept any responsibility in this regard.
  • Please do not create more than one account on the site. If observed, HAYATEMOON justifies itself to remove them all at the earliest opportunity.
  • Issues that cause harassment to others are strictly forbidden on the site. Otherwise, the account will be deleted at the earliest opportunity.
  • Any transaction or commercial agreement between the users of this website is the sole responsibility of the parties to the contract and this website will not have any obligation regarding the validity of the contracts or the parties’ adherence to the text of the signed contracts between them.
  • HAYATEMOON site always tries to welcome the comments and criticisms of dear users. Also, any disrespect to other users, site administrators and members of HAYATEMOON team will lead to the termination of access to the website.
  • The use of robots, spiders, scrapers or other automatic devices to access the site for any reason or purpose without obtaining explicit and written permission from HAYATEMOON is prohibited.
  • In general, harassment or attempted harassment of our yard activities (at our discretion) will result in legal action.

By reading these rules, you will take responsibility for your behavior and content on the site. If you do not support the above rules (if possible) you will be warned and if your account is repeated, it will be removed from the site. Enforcement of these rules is required by many people and especially for the convenience of all users.
With the hope that by providing the right and timely service, in addition to applying the rules of the site, we can satisfy you, dear user.
Hope you have a good time visiting this site