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By accepting the Privacy Policy and the User Registration Terms, you expressly consent to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with what is stated in the Privacy Policy. You can enter our site and search for them without the need to introduce yourself or provide any personal information. Once you provide us with your personal information, you will no longer be known to us as an anonymous user. If you would like to provide your personal information to us, then you agree to the transfer and storage of this information on our servers. We may collect and store the following information:
  • Email address, telephone number, contact information, and (depending on the services used), in some cases, financial information, such as credit card number or bank account number
  • Transaction information based on activities performed on sites (such as auctions, purchases, sales, items or themes you have created or somehow related to your account)
  • Correspondence through our site or correspondence sent to our site
  • Other information about your transactions and exchanges with our site, services, themes and advertisements, including device ID, computer and connection information, page traffic statistics, traffic to and from sites, banner information, IP address and Standard login information
  • Further information that you are asked to provide to authorize your ID, or if we conclude that your performance is subject to site policies (for example, we may ask you to Send us an ID or receipt to verify your address, or answer additional questions online to help identify you or the ownership of the item you have listed)
We do not sell or lease personal information to third parties for your marketing purposes without your express consent. We may use the information we receive to improve and personalize our services, themes and advertisements. We may, in its sole discretion, use your personal information to respond to legal requests, to strengthen our policies, to respond to claims that the subject matter has violated the rights of others, or to protect the rights, property, or Use or disclose the security of any person. Therefore, with the knowledge of this paragraph, provide your information to this site and any claim in this regard is prohibited. Your contact number is the only information that is placed in HAYATEMOON and your email address is not visible to the public in any way. (If you connect to our site from a shared computer or a computer in the Internet cafe, please note that your email address and contact number may be made available to someone after you who uses that computer And of course it’s your responsibility.) Your information on our servers located in different geographical areas; Saved. Information is considered an asset and capital for us that must be protected and therefore use various methods and tools (encryption, passwords, physical security, etc.) to protect personal information and prevent unauthorized access and disclosure. Becomes. However, as you know, a third party may illegally access or intercept your transfers or private communications. Other users may also misuse your personal information collected from the site. Therefore, although we make every effort to protect your privacy, we take no responsibility in this regard and you should not expect your personal information or personal communications to remain confidential at all times. We may modify and improve our privacy policy at any time. All corrected items will be implemented automatically as soon as they are posted on the Site, and you agree to these policies in advance. In case of any suggestions, contact us through the site support contact number.